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Protozoa:> Myxomycota:> Myxomycetes:> Trichiales:> Trichiaceae:> Hemitrichia, Metatrichia, Oligonema, Perichaena.
An often easy to recognise family as the spore mass is typically brightly coloured, producing stalked or sessile sporangia. A capillitium often consisting of solid or tubular, smooth or sculptured, free or attached threadlike elements.
Genus: Hemitrichia
Sporangia stalked or sessile; capillitium a more or less elastic network of branching threads, thickened with from two to six continuous, spiral bands, as in the genus Trichia; bands winding in a sinistral direction.
Hemitrichia calyculataHemitrichia calyculata
Hemitrichia clavata Hemitrichia clavata
Hemitrichia decipiens Hemitrichia decipiens
Hemitrichia serpulaHemitrichia serpula
Genus: Metatrichia
Metatrichia floriformisMetatrichia floriformis
Genus: Perichaena
Sporangia subglobose or irregular, sessile or forming plasmodiocarps, rarely short-stalked; sporangial wall usually of two layers, the outer thickened with angular granules which are exceptionally absent in the upper part, the inner usually membranous; capillitiuni of branching or simple, tubular, inelastic threads, spinose, minutely warted, or nearly smooth, usually marked with irregular constrictions; spores yellow or brown, minutely warted.
Perichaena depressa Perichaena depressa
Genus: Oligonema
Oligonema favogineum Oligonema favogineum
Oligonema verrucosum Oligonema verrucosum
Genus: Trichia
Sporangia stalked, sessile, or forming plasmodiocarps; sporangial wall membranous or cartilaginous; elaters free, pointed at each end, thickened with two to five spiral bands; spores reticulate or warted; in the former case the reticulation may be continuous or broken, and forms when seen in profile a border to the spore.
Trichia botrytis Trichia botrytis
Trichia crateriformis Trichia crateriformis
Trichia contorta Trichia contorta
Trichia erectaTrichia erecta
Trichia lutescens Trichia lutescens
Trichia varia Trichia varia
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