Stemonitis smithii
T. Macbr.
SPORANGIA: in clusters, 2 - 5 mm high, close packed and erect, not spreading, bright ferruginous prior to spore dispersal, cylindric, stipitate, of varying height rounded at the base and apex.

STALK: jet black, shining, about one-third the total height.

HYPOTHALLUS: generally well developed.

COLUMELLA: black, gradually tapering, at length dissolving in capillitial threads and net some distance below the diminished plumose apex.

CAPILLITIUM: of fuscous threads, the inner network of sparingly united branches uniformly thickened, the surface net composed of small, regular, polygonal meshes.

SPORES: bright ferruginous. smooth, 5-7 µm diam.

Plasmodium: White
HABITAT: On dead wood.

DISTRIBUTION: Cosmopolitan, known from Auckland.
Macro images:
Stemonitis smithii
Scale bar
Scale= 1.25 mm.
For some odd reason the stalks are a lot longer then described
Stemonitis smithii
Scale bar
Scale= 2 mm.
Hidden Forest
Slime Moulds