Comatricha laxa
SPORANGIA: total height 1 to 3.5 mm., globose, subglobose, or short-cylindrical, obtuse, scattered or gregarious.

STALK: black, shining, often stout, 0.2 to 1 mm. high.

COLUMELLA: reaching nearly to the summit of the sporangium, narrowed upwards.

CAPILLITIUM: lax, the primary threads springing from all parts of the columella, at first straight or slightly curved, branching towards the surface to form a loose network of slender threads, either looped and anastomosing, or with numerous straight, free ends.

SPORES: Purplish gray or brown, minutely and closely spinulose, 7-13 µm in diameter

Plasmodium: Watery white.
HABITAT: On dead wood.

DISTRIBUTION: Cosmopolitan, known from , Auckland, Wairarapa and North Canterbury.
Macro images:
Comatricha laxa
Scale bar
Scale= 1.3 mm.
Comatricha laxa
Scale bar
Scale= 1.4 mm.
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