Physarum bogoriense
SPORANGIA: scattered or gregarious, sessile on a narrow base 0.3-0.6 mm diam, subglobose, ovoid and angular at the top, or forming flexuose plasmodiocarps, reddish brown, yellow, or nearly white.

HYPOTHALLUS: inconspicuous

STALK: absent.

COLUMELLA: absent.

PERIDIUM: of two layers, the outer smooth, white on the inside, charged with white lime-granules, usually marked with pale lines of dehiscence, and breaking away in reflexed lobes from the inner, persistent, membranous wall.

.CAPILLITIUM: of numerous white, smooth-walled, rounded or branching lime nodes, small or large, connected by hyaline threads.

SPORES: Spores violet-brown, spinulose, 8-10 µm diam.

HABITAT: On dead leaves and ground matter.

DISTRIBUTION: Cosmopolitan, known from Auckland and Dunedin.
Macro images:
Physarum bogoriense
Scale bar
Scale= 1.25 mm.
Scale bar
Scale= 1.25 mm.
Micro images:
Physarum bogoriense
Scale bar
Magnification = 400x
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