Fuligo septica
(L.) F.H. Wigg.
SPORANGIA: Aethalia pulvinate, varying in size from 2 mm. to more than 30 cm., various shades of yellow in the typical form, also greenish, reddish, and brown to deep chocolate. The sporangia constituting the aethalium are intricately coiled and anastomosing, but often more or less separated in the mass, with spaces in between; cortex thick or thin, a dense crust of lime or undeveloped Plasmodium, loose or firm, or absent entirely; sporangial walls within the aethalium membranous, fragile, colourless, with scattered deposits of lime-granules.

CAPILLITIUM: scanty or abundant, consisting of a loose network of slender hyaline threads, more or less expanded at the axils, with fusiform or branching lime-knots, usually white but often yellow, or occasionally reddish or brownish.

NOTES: Common Names: Dog vomit slime, Scrambled egg slime, Flowers of tan

SPORES: Purplish-brown smooth to minutely spiny
6 - 9 µm in diameter.

bright yellow or white.
ECOLOGY: On leaf litter or on rotting logs or stumps in native bush . Also regularly appears in wood chip mulch.

DISTRIBUTION: Cosmopolitan, New Zealand wide.
Macro images:
Fuligo septica
Scale bar
Scale= 12.5 mm.
A fruiting body that has come to rest at the highest point where it will dry out, going through a number of colour changes before braking down and releasing its spore.
Scale bar
Scale= 1.3 mm.
A close-up view of a small Fuligo septica showing the textured surface.
Scale bar
Scale= 3.5 mm.
A close up of part of the fruiting body as it develops.
Scale bar
Scale= 13 mm.
It's odd to see this so pink, but it's probably an indercation of age.
Scale bar
Scale= 15 mm.
Micro images:
Fuligo septica
Scale bar
Magnification = 1000x
Spores: Purplish-brown smooth to minutely spiny 6-9 µm in diameter.
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