Echinostelium minutum
de Bary
SPOROCARPS: sporangia scattered or gregarious, stalked, white, globose, 40-50 µm diam.; sporangial wall persistent at the base as a minute collar.

STALK: slender, hyaline, with scanty pale refuse matter, 0.4 to 0.5 mm. high.

COLUMELLA: short, slender.

CAPILLITIUM: of a few arcuate threads, simple or sparingly branched and anastomosing, with free spine or hook like branches.

NOTES: the smallest of the known myxomycetes othen the sporangia are in fairly large colonies.

SPORES: spores colorless, smooth, 6-8 µm diam.

PLASMODIUM: colorless
HABITAT: on dead wood.

DISTRIBUTION: cosmopolitan, known from Auckland, Taupo, Bay of Plenty, Nelson, and North Canterbury.
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Echinostelium minutum
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Magnification = 1000x
Hidden Forest
Slime Moulds