Didymium vaccinum
(Dur. & Mont.) Buchet
SPOROCARPS: scattered, hemispherical or turbinate, 0.6 to 1 mm. diam., short-stalked or sessile, rarely forming plasmodiocarps, smooth, white or cream coloured; sporangial wall readily falling away entire, and consisting of two layers; outer layer brittle and shell-like, composed of closely compacted angular or stellate crystals of lime, forming a hemispherical cap fitting upon the yellowish brown, thickened margin of the large hemispherical columella; inner layer membranous, usually adhering to the outer layer.

STALK: obconical or shortly cylindrical, yellowish brown, 0.2 to 0.4 mm. high, filled like the columella with stellate crystals of lime.

CAPILLITIUM: consisting of rigid and persistent colorless or purplish brown threads, nearly simple or branched, sometimes expanded below into membranous vesicles filled with lime-crystals.

NOTE: There is no previous record of this been found in New Zealand.

SPORES: purplish brown, 9-12 fj. diam., paler on one side, strongly warted, with the warts smaller on the pale side.

bright yellow.
HABITAT: On decaying leaves and straw.

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Didymium vaccinum
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Scale= 1 mm.
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