Cribraria confusa
SPORANGIA: total height 0.5 to 0.7 mm., stalked, gregarious, globose, erect or inclined, 0.1 to 0.3 mm. diam., yellow to golden; cup entirely wanting, or even at the margin and about half the height of the sporangium, or still higher and constricted below the rim, faintly striate longitudinally with lines of plasmodic granules about 1 µm diam., nodes of the net not expanded, or narrow and flattened, connected by three to five slender threads.

slender, tapering to the apex and lonitudinally striate, two to four times the height of the sporangium, deep yllow to dark brown.

SPORES: Ochraceous, minutely spinulose, or warted, 5 - 7 µm diam.

PLASMODIUM: Blackish blue.
HABITAT: On dead wood.

DISTRIBUTION: Cosmopolitan, known from Auckland and Fiordland.
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Cribraria confusa
Scale bar
Scale= 0.05 mm.
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