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Protozoa:> Myxomycota:> Myxomycetes:> Trichiales:> Arcyriaceae:> Arcyria.
An often easy to recognise family as the spore mass is typically brightly coloured, producing stalked or sessile sporangia. A capillitium often consisting of tubular threads branching at wide angles, smooth or ornamented with spines, warts, cog-like prominences or half-rings, free or attached threadlike elements
Genus: Arcyria
Arcyria cinerea Arcyria cinerea
Arcyria denudataArcyria denudata
Arcyria ferruginea Arcyria ferruginea
Arcyria incarnata Arcyria incarnat
Arcyria insignisArcyria insignis
Arcyria major Arcyria major
Arcyria oerstedii Arcyria oerstedii
Arcyria obvelata Arcyria obvelata
Arcyria pomiformis Arcyria pomiformis
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