Arcyria oerstedtii
SPOROCARPS: cylindric, arcuate, 1.5 mm. high when unexpanded, closely clustered, dull crimson, stipitate.

PERIDIUM: evanescent except here and there a persistent patch, the calyculus shallow, plicate, papil- lose within.

STALK: short, weak, concolorous ; hypothallus distinct, mem-branous, concolorous.

CAPILLITIUM: capillitium a loose; far-expanding, elastic net, the meshes uneven, often small, the threads characterized by much irregularity and many bulbose thickenings, especially at the nodes, strongly spinulose throughout.

SPORES: ; spore-mass crimson or reddish brown, dull ; spores by transmitted light colorless, nearly smooth, sub-globose, 9-10 µm diam.

HABITAT: On dead wood.

DISTRIBUTION: Cosmopolitan, known from Auckland, Nelson, Westland.
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Arcyria oerstedii
Scale bar
Scale= 0.35 mm.
Hidden Forest
Slime Moulds