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True Ferns
 True Ferns
Tree Fern Frond Ferns are one of the most diverse group of living land plants, It's estimated that there are 11,000 species in 300 genera. Ferns are typically found in moist forested areas although some hardy species can be found in coastal, urban, and even in desert locations. They vary in form and size. Some aquatic ferns have fronds less then 25 mm, where as tree ferns can grow to 10 meters in height, with fronds as long as 3 meters. With many smaller plants the stem is underground, and the fronds being the only visible parts.

New Zealand has around 164 different fern species may of which are endemic. Due to the number involved and the limitations on web page space I have only included a small sampling of some of the common or interesting ferns found in the New Zealand forest.
Blechnum discolor Blechnum discolor
Blechnum filiforme Blechnum filiforme
Lygodium articulatum Lygodium articulatum
Schizaea dichotoma Schizaea fistulos
Schizaea dichotoma Schizaea dichotoma
Hymenophyllum demissum Hymenophyllum demissum
Microsorum pustulatus Microsorum pustulatus
Trichomanes reniforme Trichomanes reniforme
Microsorum scandens Microsorum scandens
Cyathea dealbata Cyathea dealbata
Asplenium flaccidum Asplenium flaccidum
Cyathea medullaris Cyathea medullaris
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