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A common and large family with over 70 species known in this country. Usally found on logs, tree stumps and along road side cuttings and disturbed ground.
Genus: Cladina
Cladina confusaCladina confusa
Cladia retiporaCladia retipora
Cladia aggregataCladia aggregata
Genus: Cladonia
Cladonia fimbriataCladonia fimbriata
Cladonia floerkeanaCladonia floerkeana
Cladonia pyxidata Cladonia pyxidata
Cladonia coccifera Cladonia coccifera
Cladonia chlorophaea Cladonia chlorophaea
Cladonia subulata Cladonia subulata
Cladonia pityrea Cladonia pityrea
Cladonia sp. Cladonia enantia
Cladonia degenerans Cladonia degenerans
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