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Update 1/6/2022
After twenty-four years, time has finally caught up with my website, with it no longer looking good on smart devices and tablets with their small screens. So a big update is in progress. This may result in broken links or missing pages. I'm sorry in advance, but with nearly 1300 webpages, this update is going to take time to both update and find any newly introduced errors. If you wish to help, then please report any you find.
Forest Fungi Photo Guide
A new and updated version 7.10 of my Forest Fungi Photo Guide is now available. Click here which now includes myxomycetes
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This section of my website is the largest, and contains a large collection of photographs taken over many years. Many are from the Auckland region of New Zealand, although the site is not limited to this region. This site was not intended as an identification guide, though many used it for this. Rather, its purpose is to show you the beauty and diversity of New Zealand's fungi.
Why fungi
I love going out into the bush and have done so with my parents since I was a small boy. Having seen many fungi during these trips, I was fascinated by their colour and forms, so when I was in my late teens, I developed an interest in photography. I thought these fungi would make an interesting challenge, particularly as they tend to grow in dark, damp places, and best of all, they don't move! I did not know then that 45 years later I would still be photographing them.