Growing Your Own
Culturing Slime Moulds
Culturing or growing your own slime mould is not to difficult and can be done any time of the year. All that is required it to place a suitable substrate into a moisture chamber and let nature do the rest. More then likely you will have all the materials you need for this around the home.

Simple Tools
1 - Plastic containers, with a clear close fitting lid. Any type will do I prefer those that Chinese takeaways come in with there clear plastic lids. Alternatively if you have access to petri dishes then these work as well.

2 - Water, not from a tap unless boiled as this will have chemicals in it. Bottled or rain
water is more suitable.

3 -
Paper towels, white without any printing is what I prefer. This holds the water and can act as a substrate for any plasmodium that develop.

4 - Zip lock bags medium size used to collect and soak suitable substrate in.

1 - Collect pieces of lose tree bark, leaf litter, woody debris from the forest floor and aerial litter if you come across a resent tree fall. Placing each collection into a plastic bag try to collect as much verity as possible. Write on them date and location collected from.

2 - Place cold boiled water into the bags then seal, leave to soak for 12 to 24 hours. Occasionally pushing the litter under the water if it should be floating on the top.

3 - Place two to four sheets of paper towel folded in to the bottom of your plastic container cut them to size if need be. Soak the paper towel with cold boiled water or bottled tipping out any excess.

4 - Place the leaf litter or woody debris onto the paper towel, fit the lid and leave for up to four months in a shaded warm place. Add additional water if the paper towel starts to dry out.

5 - Check for fruiting body's daily for the first week then ever 3 to 4 days after this. Removing any material that is found to have slime moulds grow on it. If mould or insects over run the container then discard.

Material used

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